How To Hang 20x30 Canvas Print

  1. Clean the wall with a damp cloth. Let dry completely before hanging the canvas.
  2. If the canvas does not already have a hook or other apparatus for hanging, use the tape measure to find the center point of the canvas and affix the apparatus.
  3. Measure the wall where you wish to hang the artwork. Determine if the space is large enough for the canvas and where the center of the canvas would fall. Use a pencil to mark the location to place screws or hooks for hanging the canvas
  4. Align the center of the canvas with other items nearby for a symmetrical look and feel to the space.
  5. If necessary, temporarily move furniture away from the area so that you can safely and easily hang the canvas.
  6. Hang the canvas, center it and place the level on top to make sure the canvas is level.

Where To Hang 20x30 Canvas Prints

Where you'll want to hang a 20x30 canvas will depend on several things.
  1. What is the image's theme? Does it suit the other pieces in the room? Is there someplace in particular it would suit better?
  2. Is the wall large enough for a 20x30 canvas? Small walls may look overwhelmed by a canvas of this size, especially depending on the orientation of the image or the subject of the image. Conversely, a large, mostly blank wall will dwarf a 20x30 canvas print.
  3. Is the wall viable for hanging? If you have only concrete or brick walls where you can hang the canvas, do you have the proper tools and permission for hanging the canvas?

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