Party Photo Frame

Celebrate your next special moment in style with a custom party photo frame. These awesome frames are perfect for posting on social media and for sharing your favorite photos with friends and family near and far. Use your party photo frame for special events, graduations, birthday parties, weddings, and much more. Each party photo frame is printed on a durable corrugated plastic board and then machine cut for precision and accuracy. Choose a selfie party photo frame that you can reuse for annual celebrations and other yearly events, or just whenever you feel like having some fun.

Social Media Frame

You can use a social media frame to let others know about your event. These frames are perfect for all kinds of parties and can be added to a photo booth as a prop or used on their own. Create endless customized photos with a social media frame that you can use for business promotions, announcements, and more. The social media frame is ready to use right of the box, and there's no cutting, taping, or pasting required. The durable corrugated plastic means that your entire gang can use the frame without worrying about it getting damaged or stained. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth to remove any spills or marks. Come up with a custom design for your social media frame, and don't forget to include a hashtag!

Photo Booth Prop Signs

In addition to using these as a social media frame, these items also make wonderful photo booth prop signs. Whether you're renting a photo booth for your wedding or another event, bring one of these custom party photo frames along. Your guests can stick their heads inside the frame and snap their photos, then post them to their social media accounts. Customize your photo booth prop sign to fit the occasion by adding custom text, a hashtag, names, and more. When someone takes their picture, they'll have lasting memories and a fun photo they can show off to their family and friends. Look for a range of fun designs including wedding themes, birthdays, baby showers, and many more.

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