Gender Reveal Invitations

Gender reveals are big to-dos in today's society. A baby shower is one thing, but you want to throw a party and surprise your friends and family with what you're having as well. Perhaps you don't know what gender the baby is either! Across the Internet, there are videos showing the creative ways in which they announce their baby's gender to the world. Hitting a fake baseball filled with confetti, shooting water guns with pink- or blue-tinted water, cutting into a cake specially filled with colored icing or candy, opening a box filled with colored balloons--these are just some of the creative and imaginative ways people choose to either find out their baby's gender or share the baby's gender with the world or both!

If a gender reveal is important to you, the invitation must meet all your wants and needs. It needs to draw the attendee in and want them to care about your baby's gender as much as you do. It needs to fit into the party's theme, if you have one. It needs to show how important this event is to you. It's a lot to ask of a party invitation.

Gender reveal party invitations come in a variety of designs with the majority using both pink and blue to highlight the gender options of boy and girl. They often have quotes and/or rhyming sayings to highlight that it is a gender reveal party, such as "Blue or Pink, What Do You Think?" or "He or She, What Will it Be?"

There are also invitations that favor the gender-neutral colors of yellow and green to showcase the fact that the gender has not been stated yet and that this party will reveal whether the parents-to-be are welcoming a baby boy or a girl.

Invitations set the tone of your event before anyone even steps foot into a venue. The quality of the invitation helps to sway people on whether or not this gender reveal party is a "must-see" for them. You should choose an invitation that best fits your theme and personality, going for one printed on high quality paper with deep colors and high quality photos, if you choose to include them.


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