Back To School Cards

The start of an academic year is something to celebrate, and back-to-school cards do precisely that. By combining playful greetings with riveting colors and characters, back-to-school cards are an excellent way to send well wishes to children of all ages and grade levels.

How To Make Back-to-School Cards

When school's right around the corner, the nervousness and excitement of little ones are impossible to ignore. For many children, this is the most important day of the year ⁠— a chance to move forward with new classes, teachers and friends. Your card should lift their spirits, filling them with words of encouragement, support and love. Mark the occasion with something lighthearted and humorous, or select a card with the child's favorite characters and colors. It's their day, so the back-to-school card should be all about them! Personalize it with a photo, or, even better, include favorite snacks, gifts or school supplies for an exciting start to the day.

What To Write in Back-to-School Cards

Whether the students you know are in preschool or high school, they can all use some words of encouragement. School is a trying time for anyone, and every year gives kids a fresh start with new students, teachers and homework. Your card should encourage and support students but with a unique touch. Instead of a blanket statement, consider the child's personal needs, wants and abilities for the new year, and draw attention to those.

When To Send Back-to-School Cards

If you're sending cards by mail, put them in the box about a week before school starts to ensure they arrive before classes. If you're handing them out in person, the first day of classes is the ideal time to do so, giving children a welcome surprise to their day. If the children in your life are nervous about returning to school or starting a new one, they could use the encouragement even more. Help ease nerves and boost their confidence by sending cards out a day or two early.

Going back to school is an exciting and sometimes scary moment for any child. Whether it's the first grade or college, it's important to recognize the achievements your child has made in their education. There are a few different ways you can celebrate these milestones, and a back to school card is a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion. Before you decide on the perfect back to school card, read on for a few suggestions to help you create your own.

Back To School Cards To Share With Relatives and Friends

One fun way to celebrate back to school is to send cards to your friends and cherished family members. These cards let everyone know your child is getting ready to start the next chapter in their educational journey. Make the card fun by including the year they are going to school, such as their first year of kindergarten or their senior year in high school. Add a photograph of your child on the front of the card with a custom card creator online. These cards are a lot of fun to make, and they will get everyone excited about your child's new adventure and their future.

Back To School Cards For Your Kids

Going back to school can be exciting for kids, but it can also be a bit stressful. Calm their fears by giving them a special card letting them know just how proud you are of their achievements. These cards will help to encourage your child and get them excited about the new school year. Tell them how excited you are for them and how you cannot wait for their next chapter to begin. When you give your child a back to school card, it's a wonderful way to celebrate their new beginning and to encourage them to be successful for the new year to come. Encourage other family members to join in the fun so that your child knows they have a terrific support system who is rooting them on.


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