When a child is baptized into the faith, it's known as baptism or christening. This special occasion is usually attended by members of the child's immediate family, but you can also invite other guests to share in this special time in your child's life. If you've scheduled to have your child baptized, you can send custom christening and baptism invitations to specific people. Similar to a communion, these invitations should be semi-formal and should have specific information included.

Creating Your Christening & Baptism Invitations

Once you've come up with a list of people you'd like to invite to the baptism or christening, you can create a custom invitation to fit the occasion. Keep the design simple and elegant since this is a religious ceremony that deserves reverence. Avoid using colorful features and try to stick to white cardstock and soft colors for any features. Add a simple symbol like a dove or cross to the invitation to give it a nice touch. Make sure you speak with your pastor or clergy and ask how many people you are allowed to invite in advance. This will help the church plan for the number of people who are attending and for parking.

Don’t Forget The Details On Your Baptism & Christening Invitations

Once you've decided on a design for your invitation, you can add the pertinent details. Include your child's name along with the exact occasion so people know what they are being invited to. Make sure you include the name of the church and the address since not everyone will know exactly where it's located. Add the date and time of the baptism or christening. If your church asks for a headcount, you should also request RSVPs and a set RSVP date. With a bit of planning, you can be sure the important people in your child's life will be there to share their baptism or christening with you.


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