Birthday Thank You cards

After your big event, sending birthday thank you cards from CVS Photo is a wonderful way to express your appreciation to guests. Whether they've traveled from across the street or across the country, sent a gift or their best wishes, a message of gratitude shows how much you care.

When To Send Birthday Thank You Cards

Birthday celebrations focus on one person: you. Since all guests are attending an event in your honor, their gifts deserve a thoughtful thank you. While tradition allows you to send thank you cards up to a year following the event, modern technology has sped up the process. Handwritten notes should be delivered within 3 months of the celebration — the sooner, the better. When gifts are involved, that timeline shrinks to 2 to 3 weeks. If you've got a big party planned, stock up on cards, stationery and stamps beforehand. If you're sending out photos, sort through event photos, and select your favorites the week following the event, so you're ready to start the card-writing process.

What To Write on Birthday Thank You Cards

These notes should be personal expressions of gratitude and thanks. Through the written word, you're taking time to thank each guest for their attendance and acknowledging the time and effort that went into any gifts you received. It's a way to express your appreciation on a deeper level, so every note should be tailored for the individual. Some guests, for instance, might have traveled a great distance to attend your event, and that time and planning should be acknowledged. Others might have been unable to attend but sent an excellent gift, and that thoughtfulness should be acknowledged as well. Let loved ones know how well-received their efforts are with these go-to greetings. Start with a basic "thank you," then lead into details of how and why they made your day so special, acknowledge the gift, how much you like it and how you'll use it, and finish by acknowledging your appreciation again. Here are examples of personalized greetings that you can add to or expand upon however you'd like:
  • "Thank you for thinking of me on my special day. I know it was no easy task, but I'm so glad you made it to my event! You made the night with your hilarious jokes, and I love the photo book!"
  • "Thank you for attending. I couldn't have picked a better gift for myself if I tried! You did an incredible job."
  • "You truly made my day! Thanks for coming to my event, and thank you for such a thoughtful gift! I can't wait to use it during my next trip."

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