Baby Boy Birth Announcements

Your bundle of joy has finally arrived, and now's the time to inform loved ones with baby boy birth announcements. Now that you've held him in your arms, you can share the unbridled joy, love and pride you feel with your entire circle. If you're struggling to find the words, these ideas will help you express yourself.

What To Write on Baby Boy Birth Announcements

Every birth announcement will be entirely unique, with details tailored around the newborn, his parents and siblings. While you can make your announcements serious, simple or hilarious, there are some necessary details you should always share. Here are the ones not to miss:
  • Parents’ and siblings names: Include the full names of both parents in addition to those proud and satisfied older siblings. This way, loved ones get a complete portrait of your growing family.
  • Newborn's name: Everyone's been dying to know, and now you can officially introduce little Mister to the big world outside. This is a formal introduction, so include the full name, including any middle names or nicknames.
  • Birth details: Turn your announcement into a lifetime keepsake by including the time and place of birth in addition to the date. This gives your circle in-depth details about your little bundle's arrival, and it lets them honor him more closely on future birthdays.
  • Height and weight: Include your new arrival's weight and height, so loved ones know he's been welcomed to the world safely and in solid health. This can also serve as part of a growth record for each passing year.

When To Send Baby Boy Birth Announcements

The most suitable time to send out announcements is after your bouncing baby boy is born. Understandably, this will also be one of the busiest times in your life, so it's perfectly acceptable to send announcements up to 6 months after your new arrival's birth. Putting together unique messages and photos can be exciting in and of itself, as you'll have those first moments to reflect on. Rather than rushing into the process, send out a quick text message or email to inform loved ones that your baby has arrived strong and healthy. They'll be even happier when your official greeting arrives!

Including Photos With Boy Birth Announcements

Loved ones will be unable to resist when they catch a glimpse of your baby boy’s glittering eyes. Include your new arrival’s first photo as a lifetime memento for loved ones. Alternatively, you could include a family photo of your new baby or a photo of him with his sibling(s).


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