Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

With bridal shower thank you cards, you can send a note of gratitude to friends and family after celebrating your upcoming marriage. For a unique and heartfelt message, personalize your cards with your name and a photo. At CVS Photo, you can design a custom thank you card to show your appreciation to your bridal shower guests.

How To Make Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

At CVS Photo, you can design a memorable, customized card that’s sure to delight your guests. From sophisticated to whimsical, you can find a variety of card designs to fit your style and bridal shower theme. Some cards feature a photo as a great place to display your engagement photos, while others showcase stunning gold foil accents in on-trend designs. Choose your favorite design, select the paper type and quantity desired, then create your card in the project space. Upload your photo and type your personalized details into the template. Review the front and back of the final result, then add the photo cards to your cart and select mail delivery or same-day pickup.

What To Write in Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

For an authentic message from the heart, include a personalized, handwritten note with your bridal shower thank you cards. Mention your guest by name, and thank them for their time and attendance at your bridal shower. Thank them specifically for the gift they brought, and write about how much you appreciate the gift or how you plan to use it. For the ultimate heartfelt message, share how much you value their relationship and how glad you are that they'll be a part of your special day. 

When To Send Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

The best time to send a thank you card is 1 to 2 weeks following the bridal shower. A timely thank you card allows you to share your gratitude more authentically and reminds them of the bridal shower joy. Feeling pressed for time? Design your card at CVS Photo, choose same-day pickup for delivery and complete your thank you cards in record time.

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