Photo Christmas Cards

Sending photo Christmas cards during the holiday season lets you connect with friends and family near and far and gives them something extra to display on the fridge or mantel. Shop our collection of Christmas cards to find one that lets you send holiday cheer.

How to Make Photo Christmas Cards

Making personalized photo Christmas cards is simple, and you can do it all from your couch with a laptop or phone. Simply choose your favorite holiday photo — or multiple pictures, depending on the template — select a style and add your personalized greeting or message. Choose a festive border to show your holiday spirit, or go with something classic, such as green or buffalo plaid. Folded cards stand up easily for display on any flat surface, and flat postcard styles are perfect for the fridge or underneath the glass on a desk. You can even have a message printed on the backside of the card that updates recipients on what your family has been up to this year.

What Goes On The Back Of A Christmas Card?

When you choose Christmas photo cards at CVS Photo, the back of your holiday cards are just as stylish as the front. However, you won't need to choose an image. The details are taken care of for you. When you click on the arrow next to each card template, you'll see an image that shows you how the back of your card will look. On the lower edge of each card, you'll see the name of the company that designed the greeting card template for CVS Photo.

When To Send Christmas Cards

You've still got time to create unique, personalized Christmas cards or greeting cards for everyone on your list. The USPS (United States Postal Service) recommends mailing first-class letters and cards destined for international military posts by December 09. You'll have a little more time for domestic mail, but don't count on the usual average of 3-7 days for delivery.

As the number of cards and letters sent through the postal system increases, processing and sorting can get backlogged. To ensure timely delivery, you'll want to allow 7-14 days for your holiday cards to reach their intended recipients. Since mail carriers don't usually deliver on December 24th or 25th, you'll want to time your trip to the post office to ensure delivery to loved ones by December 23rd.

How to Order Photo Christmas Cards 

Order modern Christmas photo cards quickly and easily by logging onto CVS Photo and selecting the kind of card you'd like to make. Opt for a 5x7 photo card, a set of 20 cards or another kind of holiday greeting by selecting it and clicking "create now." Once you do, you'll enter the photo editor.  Upload a photo you like by clicking on "photo here" and selecting a photo that you like. At the bottom of the card, or within a dotted box, change the names or messages that you wish to have included for a completely customized look. Create modern Christmas photo cards in just a few clicks with this easy method. Then, when you're done, click on "review and buy" to check out. 

Can You Recycle Christmas Photo Cards? 

Whether you can recycle photo Christmas cards depends on the type of paper. Cardstock with a printed photo can be recycled, but photo paper can't. While photo Christmas cards may not always be suitable for normal recycling, that doesn't mean you just have to toss them at the end of the year. You can cut pieces, such as borders or images of Christmas trees and snowflakes, into gift tags to use for next season. If you have cards from over the years, a hole punch and some pretty ribbon, you can make a DIY photo book.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Custom Christmas Card?

Not long at all. At CVS Photo, you just need to upload your photo and change a few pieces of text before you can check out. Create your card in minutes, and receive them within a short time after your purchase or even the same day. Then, just write your name on the card, put it in its envelope and add a stamp to prepare it for its trip through the mail to its destination. 

When to Take Christmas Card Photos

There's no right or wrong time to take your annual Christmas card photo, but, in general, you want to do it early enough that you still have time to have the photo cards made and send them out. October or early November are good choices, and the pumpkin patch or Christmas tree farm are great options for Christmas card photo ideas. If you're planning to send out holiday cards instead of Christmas cards, you can even wait until December, as the cards should be sent out by the first or second week of January.

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