Confirmation Invitations

The process of confirmation is a very important and meaningful step for people who practice many forms of religions. This milestone is when someone decides they will make a full commitment to their church and usually includes a reverent ceremony. For most, confirmation occurs when someone decides for themselves that they are ready to dedicate their lives to their religion and their church. You can celebrate this important moment with others by sending confirmation invitations.

Confirmation Invitation Messages

There is really no one right or wrong way to write your confirmation invitation, but many people like to include a special Bible verse either on the front or the inside of the invitation. Be sure to include information about the host, which usually consists of the person's parents, godparents, or both as well as another relative. Make sure you send your confirmation invitation approximately four weeks before the ceremony so that people can confirm their attendance. And, of course, include the name of the church, the date, and the time. Express your happiness about the confirmation but make it a bit milder than you would for a wedding, birth, or another form of announcement.

Customizing Confirmation Invitations

Today, it's easy to create a more customized confirmation invitation that helps to reflect the person's uniqueness. Include a photograph of the child or adult who is getting confirmed. You can add this picture to the front of your invitation or include a smaller photograph printed somewhere on the inside. The picture you choose should be a bit more formal than, say, a fun vacation photo. Many people choose to use their child's yearbook or school photograph as part of the confirmation invitation. This special time in life is an important milestone for many. When you share it with the people closest to you, it becomes a fond memory that your family will never forget.

Does CVS Sell Confirmation Invitations?

Yes CVS sells a variety of designs of Confirmation Invitations that can be customized with text and photos.

How Fast Can I Get Confirmation Invitations From CVS?

Confirmation Invitations are available for same day pickup at your local CVS. We also have options for mail order.

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