Sending Congratulations Cards for Life Events

These major moments mark the next chapter in life, and they deserve to be celebrated. If someone has just checked off one item on their lifetime to-do list, it's time to start sending out cards.

When To Send Congratulations Cards

When you send a congratulations card, you're honoring an individual's accomplishments. Whether that's earning a high school diploma or tying the knot, there are many occasions when this is appropriate. Life milestones, personal achievements and professional successes are all excellent times to celebrate. General etiquette says to send cards as quickly as possible after the congratulatory occasion has occurred, so don't wait longer than 3 to 5 days. If a loved one just moved, for instance, they'll want to receive words of encouragement while they're settling in rather than a month later.

What To Write On Congratulations Cards

Your message should be entirely unique, honoring the individual, their hard work and their accomplishment. Begin the message with heartfelt congratulations for both the achievement and all the work that went into it. Add a personal touch by sharing how you feel about the recipient or how you've helped out along the way. Next, send well-wishes for their life going forward, marking the next chapter with sincerity and heart. Adding jokes, photos, stickers or personalized gifts further ups the ante.

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