Friendship Cards

If you want to express your thoughts and feelings about loved ones in depth, friendship cards are a wonderful way to get the message across. By helping special people feel loved and appreciated, friendship cards reveal that greetings extend beyond national holidays or birthdays; they can show your support any time of the year.

What Are Friendship Cards?

Friendship cards are an excellent way to express appreciation for those you love most, whether it’s a simple “I’m thinking of you” or an in-depth antidote. Since every relationship is unique, these cards are never one-size-fits-all. They range from lighthearted and humorous to thoughtful and sincere, so you can select one that suits the recipient best.

When To Send Friendship Cards

These cards are meaningful surprises that reflect thoughts and feelings about your closest pals, so they can be sent anytime. If you're seeking inspiration, however, here are some helpful occasions to share your thoughts:
  • Friendversaries: Remember the day you two first met? Whether it was on the playground or waiting for the office coffee machine, this is your chance to relive that magical moment. Reflect on favorite memories, obstacles and inside jokes for a highly personalized note.
  • Post-Breakup: This is a heartbreaking time for anyone, so your friend would appreciate words of encouragement. Reach out and share their top traits, express your support and reveal how much they deserve love. Add sweet stickers, magnets or mementos to help turn that frown upside down.
  • New Jobs: Welcome a friend to their new gig with a confidence-boosting card. With encouraging words to start off the day, your friend will head into their new position with a smile. Share fave traits that are relevant to the job title along with words of luck, support and success.

What To Write on Friendship Cards

Friendship cards are all about brightening someone's day, but what you write is entirely up to you. Use general words of encouragement or specific details about a recent event, but the aim is always love, support and well-being. For example: "You might be the kindest person I know! You really impressed at that last food drive!" You can also recall past moments or future adventures, such as: "Your wanderlust is out of this world. Remember that trip to Florida we took? I can't wait for Texas next month!" Whether you just want to say hi and let them know they're on your mind or show how satisfied you are with their success, friendship cards let you lay it all out on the line through

If you've decided to celebrate a special friendship with a card, a personalized photo will make it even more special. Think about some of your favorite moments together with your friend. Whether it's a fun night out, a party you attended together, or a special milestone, choose photographs of the two of you that will make them smile. If you're sending a friendship card to several friends such as coworkers or a church group, you can make one card and include a group photograph that includes everyone together. Get creative and go through your pictures, and include a shot that is both meaningful and cheerful.

Adding a Message To Your Friendship Card

Once you've designed your card, you'll want to include a personalized message. This can be anything from an inside joke the two of you share to a favorite movie quote and more. Let your friend or friends know just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Tell them that you treasure your friendship. You can also include a quote by someone famous about friendships. If your friend has moved to another place, don't forget to mention how much you miss them and the time you spent together. A friendship card is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for these treasured relationships. It's also a great way to keep your special relationship and your friendship alive.


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