Girl Birth Announcement Cards

For most child-less individuals or couples, the sending and receiving of cards is probably limited to Christmas and birthdays. Even then, those cards probably feature pictures of pets. And that is awesome. But, there is nothing in the world that will elevate your card sending game like having a child. It starts with pregnancy announcements, gender reveal party invitations and baby shower invitations. Then, finally, the pinnacle of card sending arrives with the birth of your precious little bundle.

Birth announcements, specifically girl birth announcements, are so sweet and darling that you won't know which design to pick. Add that to the fact that you will probably include a photo on the card, of which you have hundreds of adorable newborn photos from which to choose. While there might be hundreds of different birth announcement card themes and designs, this just gives you the opportunity to find the one that speaks to you. You want to introduce your baby to the world in the best way--the way that you feel about her. For that reason, it is important to pick the right card.

Pink and purple are the overwhelming colors found on girl birth announcement cards, and while some might feel overwhelming, there are other cards that offer understated elegance with muted pastel colors. In addition, there are adorable designs that look like you wrote the baby's measurements on a chalkboard or a piece of wood and still others that feature more neutral yellows and greens.

For a birth announcement card, you will want to choose a quality card, and everything from cardstock to glossy prints to foil embossed cards will do the trick. There are different card designs and paper weights for all themes and budgets. The important part is picking a card that will make you smile when you look back in your daughter's baby book when she's grown. An announcement card that conveys the love for her that you had then and that only grew as time went on.


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