Girl Birth Announcements

Words can't capture the joy parents experience when they finally meet their new baby girl. With our girl birth announcements, you can share that joy with family and friends as they join you in celebrating the arrival of your little one. CVS has a wide selection of birth announcement cards, so you can find the perfect way to let your loved ones know that your baby girl has finally arrived!

How To Make Girl Birth Announcements

CVS makes it easy to create your birth announcement cards. Simply choose the design you like best, and fill it in with your information. Then, add the photo of your choice to create a memorable card that's sure to warm the hearts of family and friends as they see your daughter for the first time. CVS has designs in an array of colors, ranging from traditional pinks and purples to pastel yellows and greens. If you already have a particular design in mind, you can even design your own card. Once you've designed your card, you can personalize the envelopes with your return address to avoid having to add it to each one by hand. CVS has dozens of fonts, colors and designs to choose from. Finally, you can choose between same-day pickup at one of over 4,000 locations or next-day shipping, so you can send your cards out quickly.

What To Write on Girl Birth Announcements

Your birth announcements should include:
  • Parents' names
  • Baby's full name
  • Baby's sex
  • Date of birth
Optional information that some parents choose to add includes the time and location of birth, baby's weight and length, and the names of the new baby's proud siblings. If you'd rather not include a photo, designs are available that don't require pictures. There are also some things you shouldn't include on a birth announcement. Most etiquette experts recommend against mentioning gifts or money, even to say, "No gifts, please!" Use the birth announcement to focus only on celebrating your baby's arrival. As a parent caring for a newborn, you'll be glad to know that it's also unnecessary to write a personal note on each card.

When To Send Girl Birth Announcements

You should send your girl birth announcements within 6 months of your child's birth. Sooner is better, however, and you'll want to send them while the excitement is fresh. Most parents aim to mail announcements before the 3-month mark. Using CVS's custom photo cards makes it quick and easy to prepare your announcements to send to family, friends and coworkers who are celebrating your family's new arrival.
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