Girl Birthday Invitations

It's your daughter's most exciting day of the year, so get ready to celebrate with stylish girls' birthday invitations. When guests know the details of your child's annual event, they can arrive well-prepared and ready to party.

What Are the Best Girl Birthday Party Invitation Themes?

Using these themes is an excellent way to get guests interested in your event while experimenting with creativity:
  • Floral: From romantic roses to lush peonies and wildflowers, florals are one of the most popular themes for girls. Whether you select subtle pastels or bright blossoms, they provide a color palette for the rest of the party.
  • Sparkly: Bring on the bling. These invitations are attractive to girls of all age ranges and interests, as sparkles attract instant attention.
  • Princess/fairy: These classic characters never go out of style, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Guests will know what's up as soon as they receive their invitations, and it's a great theme for getting little ones all dolled up. Post-party prints, anyone?
  • Cute Characters: Some little girls love their unicorns, while others go wild over pink flamingos. Select a character, and make the party all about them.
You can also attach photos to your invitation. Dress your little one to match her party's theme, select her school portrait or include a happy moment with all her friends.

What To Write on Girl Birthday Invitations

Your little girl is thrilled to see her friends and family at the big event, so you want as many as possible to attend. Open with an attention-grabbing line, and be concise yet detailed. Don't be vague when describing directions, where to go in a venue or how to meet the dress code. You have creative freedom to write what you like, but every invitation should include these details: • Your child's name and age • Date, time and place of the birthday party, including instructions for finding the venue • Theme of the birthday party and any special costumes/supplies guests should bring. If you're throwing a princess party, and girls should wear their best dresses, note that here. • Your RSVP details and deadline

When To Send Girl Birthday Invitations

A general rule is to mail invitations 4 weeks in advance. This gives guests enough time to know whether they can make it, and it allows them to rework their schedules if necessary. If you send them earlier, the invitation could get lost or forgotten about in a sea of mail. Any later, and guests probably already have plans. At the latest, drop invitations in the mail 2 weeks beforehand, giving your guests ample time to RSVP.

Birthday Cards For Girls

After the age of 21, birthday parties start to fall by the wayside except for the decade years of 30, 40, 50, etc. But there are few things more important to children than the annual celebration of their birthdays. It starts young, with everyone celebrating that first year of surviving parenthood and having your child's age counted in years and not weeks or months. The years of two, three and four are obviously important, but even then, nothing can prepare you for the singular focus on the birthday party that hits once your child become school age.

Your daughter will want the perfect birthday party in order to celebrate with her friends. There is a good chance that she will want to be the center of attention and that she will have quite a say in the preparations for the event, from what the theme will be to the flavor of the cake, and yes, even the design of the invitations. Your daughter is growing up and has her own opinions, her own likes and her own thoughts. It is important to give her the birthday party that she wants (within reason).

For that reason, it is important to set the tone of the event with the invitation. Pick one that matches her theme and matches her own likes and dislikes, whether she loves pink and hates blue or loves blue and hates pink. Stay true to who she is--after all, it is her birthday and her party and not yours.

Kids get very excited about any kind of mail, especially invitations that are for them and might feature a picture of their friends. They will want to carry the invitation around everywhere, even taking it off the fridge when you're not looking. For that reason, you will want to use an invitation that is sturdy and can withstand a lot of handling. Choose a thick cardstock or glossy invitation where the event details are printed for easy reading, instead of something where handwritten details could be smeared away thanks to greasy fingers or accidental spills.


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