Graduation Announcement Cards

You have made it! You did it! You have successfully navigated your children through many long, hard years of schooling! No matter if your child is graduating from high school or college (or even middle school!), this is a big accomplishment for both of you. In their first 18 years of life, most kids spend 13 of those years (minus summer vacation) going to school and filling their brains with not only the educational knowledge but also the social skills and experiences that will guide them through the rest of their lives.

Spending 72% of their first 18 years in school and graduating is a reason to celebrate! Send out those graduation announcements with pride, showing that your child accomplished something great and did it with class and grace. Their entire lives up until this moment have been dedicated to school, to learning, to growing. You want to send out a graduation announcement card to everyone you know, letting them know that your baby did it!

Graduation Announcement Photo Cards

A graduation announcement card should include all the pertinent facts, such as your child's name, the school from which they are graduating, date and a photo of them in their cap and gown or a senior picture if you have one. You could also include some fun facts, such as their favorite subjects, what college they will be attending, what their major will be, a flashback to what they said they wanted to be in kindergarten and more. Graduation announcement cards come in many different styles and themes, so pick the one that has space for the photos and information that you want to include. From classy and understated to loud and proud, pick a graduation announcement card that fits your child's personality, and be sure to order enough to send to even the most distant cousins, because this is a reason to celebrate!


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