Graduation Announcement Cards

You have made it! You did it! You have successfully navigated your children through many long, hard years of schooling! No matter if your child is graduating from high school or college (or even middle school!), this is a big accomplishment for both of you. In their first 18 years of life, most kids spend 13 of those years (minus summer vacation) going to school and filling their brains with not only the educational knowledge but also the social skills and experiences that will guide them through the rest of their lives.

Spending 72% of their first 18 years in school and graduating is a reason to celebrate! Send out those graduation announcements with pride, showing that your child accomplished something great and did it with class and grace. Their entire lives up until this moment have been dedicated to school, to learning, to growing. You want to send out a graduation announcement card to everyone you know, letting them know that your baby did it!

What Are Graduation Announcements?

Graduation announcements are cards that share news of a high school or college graduation. Graduation announcements are typically formal in their presentation and wording. Your graduation is a significant milestone, after all!

What To Write On Graduation Announcements

Consider the language of your announcement. College graduation announcements are a great way to highlight your major, degree, and other academic achievements. You may also want to use a college announcement as an opportunity to showcase your successes with peers and potential employers, so it's important to keep the tone of your announcement formal and polished. As with college graduation announcements, high school graduation announcements can also be a way to share news of your achievements and awards. The most important things to include are your name, your year of graduation, the name of the high school or college you attended, the degree earned and major, any special achievements or honors, and your graduation date.

How To Address Graduation Announcements

Make sure you've got the proper name and address information for your intended recipients. Print or write your recipient's address on the front and center of your announcement envelopes. As this is a formal occasion, don't abbreviate. Print or write your return address in the upper left corner or the back flap of the envelope. If you're going to handwrite your address, make sure to use black or blue ink and keep it legible.

When To Send Graduation Announcements

Send out graduation announcements with invitations at least two weeks before the date of your graduation ceremony. However, if you're not planning on including an invitation, you can send your announcements up to six weeks after the ceremony. When you want to be sure your closest friends and family members can attend, you may also want to send out a save the date email three months before the ceremony.

Who To Send Graduation Announcements To

First and foremost, send graduation announcements to your immediate family members and closest friends. After all, these are the people who have been rooting for you throughout your journey to get to this milestone. Next up are extended family members and people who have been important leaders and mentors on your academic journey, such as beloved teachers and coaches. Remember, a graduation announcement is not the same thing as a graduation invitation, so feel free to send your announcement out to a wider group of people.

Does CVS Sell Graduation Announcements?

Yes CVS sells a variety of designs of Graduation Announcements that can be customized with text and photos.

How Fast Can I Get Graduation Announcements From CVS?

Graduation Announcements are available for same day pickup at your local CVS. We also have options for mail order.

How To Save On Graduation Announcements From CVS

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