Graduation Congratulations Cards

Throughout life, there are a lot of accomplishments and reasons to celebrate. One of life's earliest and most celebrated accomplishments, not including being born, is graduating from high school or college. Graduation is a big, scary step into the great unknown. Most high school graduates have spent the past 18 years living at home with their parents, spending their free time playing sports or participating in other activities of their choosing. Moving on to college often means moving out and learning how to live on their own, manage their own time and money, learn how to live without a safety net and more. Graduating from college means starting a life that doesn't revolve around school. Instead, graduates must take their education and translate it into solving real-world issues. This can be a tough transition for many graduates.

But before all that happens, you need to celebrate the past dozen or more years of schooling by sending the graduates a graduation congratulations card. As they embark on their next life journey, it is important for the graduates to know that you are behind them one hundred percent and will continue to celebrate their successes as they navigate their way through life.

There are funny cards to congratulate students on their graduation, and there are sentimental cards. You should pick a card that reflects your relationship with the graduate. If you are a relative that doesn't see the graduate much, perhaps a sentimental card is more appropriate. If you are close friends with many inside jokes and you know the graduate's sense of humor, an appropriately funny card will probably be appreciated. No matter what card you choose to send to say "congratulations on your graduation," the most important thing is that you send one. Because no matter how old the graduate is or what their plans are next, graduating is still a great achievement and it's important to let the people you care about know that they are loved and appreciated.

Does CVS Sell Graduation Congratulations Cards?

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Graduation Congratulations Cards are available for same day pickup at your local CVS. We also have options for mail order.

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