Graduation Invitations

That special someone has been hitting the books and studying hard for years. Now that his or her graduation is on the horizon, it's time to recognize all of that work and celebrate the achievement. CVS Photo can help you invite your friends and family members to attend your party in honor of that special graduate. With hundreds of graduation invitations that you can customize in minutes, you'll be ready to spread the word about the event in no time.

Customizing Graduation Invites With Photos

Photo graduation invitations are very popular options for high school and college. Including photographs on your invitations turns the stationery into a keepsake that guests can save as a memento of the graduation. Before you begin to shop for photo graduation party invites, round up your favorite photos of the guest of honor. This way, you can focus on designs that will work well with your photos. You can filter the results by number of photos and photo orientation to simplify shopping. If you prefer not to use photos, there are many text-only graduation invites to consider.

When To Send Out Graduation Party Invitations

It's almost time to celebrate your big achievement with your closest friends and family members. So, when do you need to let your guests know when to show up for the party? Plan on giving your guests plenty of time to make preparations so they can attend, especially if they are coming from out of town. A good rule of thumb is to let local guests know three to four weeks in advance and to give around six weeks' notice for out-of-town guests.

What To Write On Graduation Party Invitations

Whether you're making your party invitation a formal affair or adding a touch of playful personality to your invite, make sure that the font you pick is clear and legible. When it's time to start writing, it's best to stick to the facts like: the Graduate's full name, Name of the high school, college, or university attended, Full title of the degree, Honors or special achievements, Location, time, and date of the celebration.

How To Make Graduation Party Invitations

Today, it's easier than ever to make your own graduation party invitations. At CVS, we offer a wide variety of customizable templates for you to create a special announcement to share with your family and friends. Include one or two of your favorite senior year photos for a truly one-of-a-kind look, or choose from one of our text-only options that add a creative splash to highlight your graduation celebration. If you're going to have a themed graduation party, consider making an invitation that aligns with the design of your celebration. Whatever you choose, remember that your graduation party invitation is an opportunity to highlight yourself, your achievements, and your personality.

Does CVS Sell Graduation Invitations?

Yes CVS sells a variety of designs of Graduation Invitations that can be customized with text and photos.

How Fast Can I Get Graduation Invitations From CVS?

Graduation Invitations are available for same day pickup at your local CVS. We also have options for mail order.

How To Save On Graduation Invitations From CVS

Save on Graduation Invitations from CVS Photo by checking out our weekly deals and coupons.

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