Hannukah Cards

Put on your yarmulke, it's time for Hanukkah, and you can say "Shalom" and send messages of peace to your family and friends far and wide with a Hanukkah card. The holiday season makes everyone nostalgic and miss spending more time with family and friends. Even if you can't all be together for Hannukah, you can still be a part of everyone's lives by sending out a card with best wishes and thoughts on a happy Hanukkah.

Hanukkah cards can be as religious or spiritual as you want them to be with messages of peace and goodwill, or they can feature a simple design with a happy Hanukkah message from your family. You can include a family photo or four to show off how your family is growing and changing from one holiday season to another. With bright blue, white and gold tones, the design of many Hannukah cards echoes the colors of the Israeli flag, as well as underscores the importance of the color blue in the Torah. These classic designs match well with any photos you want to include.

In addition, there are several different designs of Hannukah cards that also feature Christmas greetings or symbolism. If your family celebrates multiple religious holidays, these cards are a good choice to share good wishes from all religious persons in your family to other families that might also have a blending of religion. Holidays are about inclusion, not exclusion. So, this is an easy way to say so much with a simple design.

Don't let Hannukah pass you by without celebrating it with the ones you love. Even if you can't physically be together, a card goes a long way in letting people know that you are thinking about them and wishing them the best in the path that they are on.


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