Dog collars are a great accessory for any pet owner, and they're also made to help keep your dog safe. Large dog collars are perfect for the average-sized to a bigger-sized pooch. You can personalize your dog's collar with a fun photo design to give it personality and style. Look for these large collars at CVS Photo to create the perfectly personalized collar for your favorite companion. Before you choose a collar, there are few things every dog owner should know, so read on to learn more.

How to Choose the Right Dog Collar

Aside from the color, style, and material, picking the right size collar is the most important thing to consider. Some large dog collars include a list of certain breeds so you can be sure that your pooch is getting the right fit. If the collar is too small, it could squeeze your dog's neck or cause skin irritation. If the collar is too large, it may end up falling off or getting lost. Look for large collars that are made for larger-sized breeds if you need something big, but you should also measure your dog's neck circumference just to be sure. Always check the specifications of the collar you're interested in to make sure it will fit. Ideally, the collar should be adjustable so you can change the length and tightness level based on your dog's needs.

How to Customize Your Dog Collar

There are lots of adorable and creative ways you can make your large dog collar more personal. With the ability to upload photos and add your own wording, the possibilities are endless. Designing a custom collar may seem like a challenging task, but it’s actually quite easy and a whole of fun. In need of some inspiration? Here are a few helpful ideas that will get you started:

When it comes to making a customized dog collar, the sky is the limit. Add your pooch’s name, your phone number, or just some sweet photos to the collar to give it an adorable touch. At CVS Photo, we have a wide variety of fun, personalized items to choose from for your furry friend to enjoy.

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