Love Cards

There are many important things in life--seeing Avengers: End Game before someone spoils the ending, for example--but there is nothing more important than love. Perhaps it is cliché, but it's true. Love actually is all around, and it's not just romantic love. There is a very good chance that you love more people platonically at this very moment than you loved romantically in your whole life. From parents to grandparents, from children to best friends, love sustains you and lifts you up when all you want to do is fall.

Some people find it easy to say "I love you," while others have a much harder time. An easy way to express your sentiment is through a card designed with the sole purpose of communicating the feeling of warmth, appreciation and kindness that is behind the phrase "I love you." Love cards don't have to be overly sentimental or mushy gushy about love. They don't have to feature red hearts and little word balloons with cute sayings. It's a love card as long as it accurately describes how you feel about someone.

For that reason, the choice of a love card is extremely personal. You can express love through humor and jokes or through flowers and sappy quotes. Cards offer something for everyone, and you can personalize them with photos and sayings of your own if you don't find anything that meets your needs. But in the end, the act of sending a card is what means the most--not the words or the photos or the inside jokes. Sending a card lets someone know that you love them, that you are thinking about them and that they enough for you to take the time to design a card specifically for them. Love might not be able to be accurately expressed through a few sentences in a card, but the simple sending of a card sure comes close to showing how much you care.


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