Happy New Year Cards

Happy New Year cards are a wise way to start off your January. The New Year provides a fresh start, but it's also time to reflect on the previous year’s best memories. A card is an excellent way to show how much you care while spreading blessings to friends, family and co-workers.

What To Write on Happy New Year Cards

The New Year marks a fresh beginning for every name on your list, so no card is complete without mentioning that. It's a nice gesture to tailor it to the individual and their unique goals. Cards should reflect on memories you shared in the past year; they're a place to relive favorite moments and share a laugh in addition to good wishes


Short and Simple

Sometimes, keeping it short and sweet is enough. Whether you want to remind distant loved ones of your presence or send blessings to casual acquaintances or co-workers, these greetings are easy to incorporate onto everything from basic black-and-white notes to colorful countdown cards and detailed photo collages:

  • New adventures are around the corner. Happy new year!
  • May the new year bless you with health and happiness.
  • Out with the old, in with the new. Happy new year!

Make It Meaningful

Close friends and family members appreciate a personalized approach that highlights your best moments and looks ahead to a promising future. Whether you choose a foil card or a custom creation, use unique fonts and colors to get your message across:

  • Here’s to another year full of happiness and unforgettable memories with an incredible friend! I knew I could make it through everything this year because of you. It was amazing to know you this year, and I appreciate your friendship!
  • With the New Year quickly approaching, I hope you embrace it with an open heart filled with courage and hope.

Add Photos

A bold photo instantly brings your card to life. Share a photo of the family or your best pic from the past year. Include a favorite memory you shared with a friend or a mini-album with several pictures of top moments. Every photo you choose should reflect the year in review. Whether you put a single photo in the center or create an entire collage of prints, this gives you ample opportunities to get creative.

When To Send Happy New Years Cards

A solid timeframe to send New Year cards is December 1st to January 7th. Since many celebrate the New Year well into January, you have a wider window in which to send cards. People focus on winter holidays throughout December, so waiting a few weeks gives them time to sit back, relax and enjoy the season.


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