Dogs and cats aren't exactly known to be the cleanest eaters and drinkers. A hungry pet can make a huge mess when they eat, resulting in all kinds of food and other debris getting all over your floors. Thankfully, pet mats can remedy this problem by catching the excess food and water and keeping your floors nicely protected. A personalized pet mat is a fun way to add charm and style to any room, and it gives your pet's feeding area a unique look you'll love.

Make Your Pet Mats Special

Even though pet mats have a utilitarian purpose, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with your mat. Try something customizable that includes your pet's name or a photo. Colorful pet mats will add a playful pop of personality no matter where you decide to place them. A personalized pet mat will make feeding times much more special to you, and they also add a little "oomph" to utility rooms or kitchen areas. Pick out something that matches your current décor so your pet mat blends in nicely with your home

Here are a few ideas for some inspiration:

Cleaning Your Pet Mats

You already expect your pet mats to get dirty. Make sure you select a custom pet mat that's super-simple to clean so you can keep your pet's feeding area hygienic. Rubber mats can be rinsed off in the sink and dried with a towel or air-dried. Some pet mats are made of fabric like microfiber, which you can easily toss in the washing machine to keep it sanitized. You don't want to choose a mat that will become permanently stained or damaged after just a few uses. Look for mats that are simple to wipe down and wash so that your feeding area is nice and neat. The Pet mats at CVS photo include a rubber backing so they won’t slip and will stay neatly in place as your beloved pet enjoys his meal.

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