Beach Christmas Cards


As winter hits in the north, with all its snow and ice and chilly weather, many of us turn our thoughts to warmer climates or even plan our holiday trips to the beach.


If you love beach-themed Christmas cards, then CVS holiday cards are a great choice. We have beautiful designs that allow you to convert those family photos into stunning collages or single-shot cards to send off - whether you're holidaying at the beach house or snuggling in by the fireplace for a long, cold winter.


But if you're not sure who to send those lovely cards to when the time is right, here are some tips on Christmas card etiquette and the crafting of the perfect holiday card list.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to decide who to send the cards to. You don't want to rush and wind up missing someone important or sending out more than you want to.
  • Sign the cards with the names of the parents first, followed by kids and pets.
  • Address the whole family, ideally using individual names if possible.
  • Don't feel obliged to send a card to someone simply because they sent you a Christmas card. It is good to thank them for the card they sent to you, though.
  • Consider your closest friends and family. Who would most appreciate an updated photo of the family? Who would most feel connected by receiving your family's beach-themed Christmas card?
  • Especially consider sending a physical Christmas card to older family and friends who might not check for e-cards or who always send you physical cards each year.
  • Send cards to people who've most impacted you and your family this past year. There's no need to send cards to every single family member or every single friend (this goes for both physical and ecards!).


Beach themed Christmas cards


If you're not sure what to do for your coastal Christmas cards, consider these fun tips and ideas.

  • Use your beach vacation family photo for the card
  • Dress up in beachwear and pose by the Christmas tree early for a fun paradox in your beach card
  • For a fun card, have the family dress up in winter clothes and take the picture outside with fresh flowers and warm weather props, looking confused or surprised at the warm weather
  • Take a studio photo with beachy props
  • Take a photo by the fireplace, drinking beachy drinks and looking wistfully into the fire
  • Wear beach-theme colors like blue, white, turquoise, sandy-yellow, or similar and pose anywhere you like with some fun beach props (sand shovels or buckets, water floaty, pool noodle, or beach towels)


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