Chic Christmas Cards

Looking for some chic Christmas cards to send out to friends and family this year? You've come to the right place! Consider this your Christmas card central - using your Instagrammable pics, powerful moments, and most memorable photos of the year. Just click on the chic Christmas card designs you love, upload photos and make those elegant Christmas cards in no time flat.

As you craft your photo cards, remember a few things:

  • Avoid fuzzy, blurry, or overly filtered photos - they won't look great in print
  • Choose flattering shots of everyone in the pic for the happiest results
  • Feel free to edit and tweak your images until you get the right lighting for the best pics possible
  • Think in color themes - choose card frames and designs that blend well with the colors in your chosen photos
  • Choose photos that mean something to you and share thoughtful aspects of your life. That could be family portraits, images from a special day, or even a collage of photos with family and friends throughout the year.
  • Choose themes that really match the mood of those pics
  • Add some classy quotes or elegant thoughts to boost the beauty of your cards
  • Don't be afraid to go "off theme" to create the right tone for your holiday cards. If you're uber-creative, your cards shouldn't be "standard." Let your creativity work its magic on these cards!


Once you've made those dazzling cards, you might not be sure who to send them to. These tips can help you cull through that card list and make the season a little easier and less stressful along the way.

  • Who in your life is older or doesn't necessarily follow you on Instagram? Send physical cards to those who aren't always using their phones to communicate.
  • Who really impacted you this year? Consider sending them a card as a special reminder of how important they are to you, especially if you have any photos to include that they'll connect with or appreciate because of your relationship.
  • Just because someone sent you a Christmas card doesn't mean you're obligated to return one. Instead, send a thank you to those you're not that close to and choose to send your cards to those who have made the most meaningful impact on your life in the last year.
  • Be sure to send out those cards by the first week of December so everyone receives them in plenty of time to enjoy them all season long.

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