Classic Wedding Invitations

Anything but boring, classic wedding invitations feature traditional design elements for a timeless look. When your guests open the envelopes, they're greeted with classic aesthetics, such as subdued colors and elegant fonts, indicating that you're planning traditional wedding festivities to celebrate your love.

Whose Name Goes First on Classic Wedding Invitations?

Classic wedding invitation wording typically places the bride's name first followed by the groom when a man and woman get married. For same-sex couples, the order of the couple's names is a matter of personal preference. However, the names of the parents might come first on traditional wedding invitations. This could include both sets of parents' names or the names of the parents who are hosting — traditionally the bride's parents. An example of this is: "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Bridget Anne to Brady Hanson." If you want to include both sets of parents, you might say: "Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanson invite you to the wedding of their children Bridget Smith and Brady Hanson."

Where Can You Buy Classic Wedding Invitations?

Classic wedding invitations never go out of style, so you can find options at any retailer that prints wedding stationery. If you want a convenient option, CVS Photo offers classic invitation templates with the option to enter your wedding details for fully customized invites. The templates provide examples of classic wedding invitations with RSVP cards. You can choose from different card types and customize the background color and trim style.

Do Classic Wedding Invitations Come With RSVP Cards?

Many classic wedding invitations come with invitation cards and envelopes. You can order coordinating RSVP cards separately. Other options might include matching RSVP cards with the invitations. Ordering the invitation components separately gives you more flexibility in how you invite guests to your wedding. For instance, if you want your guests to RSVP online instead of with RSVP cards, you can print that information on the invitation and skip separate cards. Consider how you want to handle the RSVP process, and order your invitations accordingly.