Dog Christmas Cards

Calling all dog lovers! Come and get your dog Christmas cards here. From adorable frames and accents to elegant backgrounds and chic frames, we've got all the puppy love you need for the holidays. Just bring your own favorite shots of your pooch and family for the perfect Christmas card this season.


If your pup is pliable, you can dress your hound up in crazy fun costumes like a Santa hat or elf suit. Or, if Rover is more reserved, add in the effects afterward with the functions and features on CVS card-making programs online. You'll find you can easily insert images into frames and backdrops for the perfectly delightful dog Christmas cards you're looking for.


Not sure what photos to use for these fun dog Christmas card ideas? Consider these ideas.

  • Your pooch posing alone or with a toy
  • Your kids snuggled up with your pup
  • Deck out your dog in Christmas attire or provide some new Christmas-themed toys to play with for the photoshoot
  • Tie a Christmas ribbon to your dog's collar or switch out the collar for a Christmas collar for the photos
  • Have a photographer (family/friend or pro) to snap some shots with you and the whole family cuddling up to Daisy with a fun Christmas backdrop (think Christmas trees, fireplace, snowbank, Christmas rug, or similar)
  • If your dog is a puppy, make a collage of pictures from the year as they grow up
  • Use a fun action shot of your pooch getting into mischief and turn the card into a Naughty or Nice motif
  • Create a collage with the family doing various things and insert a great shot of your pooch (in case you can't get a good group shot!)


As you create your cards, be sure to add some heartwarming messages or cheesy puns to bring a smile to your recipients' faces. "Furry and Bright" or "Bark Humbug" are some of the pre-set options we provide, but don't be afraid to come up with some of your own messages to add to the cards. Your loved ones will love getting those amazing holiday cards every time.

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