Monogrammed Christmas Cards

For an elegant touch this holiday season, consider our monogrammed Christmas Cards. They're attractive and simple, but not simplistic, and add a certain chic quality to the season. They're perfect for use with your favorite holiday photos, family portraits, or collage. Choose your photos, pick your color scheme, and create monogram Christmas cards in no time.


As you craft your card list and make up the cards on, remember a few points of holiday card etiquette and friendly tips for the happiest results.

  • Give yourself enough time to decide who will receive your cards. There's no reason to rush yourself and add stress to the already busy season. Make as long a list as you like, then cut down as needed to make sure you don't miss anyone important.
  • Consider your closest friends and family. Who would most appreciate receiving that family photo card this year? Is there anyone who doesn't usually make the list but really impacted life for you this year? Are there any new friends or family members who impacted you this year? Consider sending your special cards to these folks over random relatives you hardly ever see.
  • Especially consider sending physical cards to the older folks in your life who might not relish (or perhaps know how to open) an ecard.
  • Don't feel obligated to send cards to every single person who sends you a card. While this might feel good in some ways, you may not be able to afford the time and effort, and that's okay. If someone sent a card but you're not planning to respond in kind, simply send a thank you email, text, or social media post acknowledging receipt and appreciation for the card. If it's from someone who doesn't do much online, feel free to give them a call and connect that way.
  • Address the whole family on the envelope for the card, listing parents first, kids last.
  • Also, address the whole family by name on the card, whenever possible, again with adults first and children last.
  • Sign your cards from everyone in the household, even the pets, if you so wish. Includes mom and dad first, then the kids, then the pets last.

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