What Is Pride Month?

Commemorating the Gay Liberation Movement and celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer voices and rights, Pride month is a welcoming and inclusive time for everyone. From parades to parties, speaking events, and empowering workshops, Pride month epitomizes love and can be celebrated in a plethora of ways.

How To Celebrate Pride

Whether you are throwing a dinner party or organizing a rally, sending cards with sweet sentiments, or baking a cake, celebrating Pride showcases your support for the LGBTQ community. Flying your Pride flag and wearing the iconic colors and rainbow symbol are proud steps anyone can take to be involved in this special month, and each choice is a beautiful cog in the wheel that keeps rolling towards progress. You can further celebrate Pride month by delivering a customized gift from CVS to your partner, child, or ally who has been integral in your journey or for those who hold your heart and may need words of encouragement and love.

What Are Some Pride Gift Ideas?

A vibrant mug for the office splashed proudly in every color of the rainbow makes a fun-loving gift to celebrate Pride, while custom canvas prints can bring an added layer of love to the homes of your favorite people.

How To Make Pride Gifts

Pop onto CVS Photo online and see the wide array of gifts you can make your own through customizable templates, design layouts, personalized text, and delivery options. Logging in to the CVS portal will allow you to choose the gift, layout, photo additions, and greetings you wish to have included. Some CVS gifts are also available with same-day pick-up.

What Are The Best Pride Gifts?

For friends throwing a Pride party, individualized drinkware from CVS makes the perfect gift to add to the celebrations, and photo blocks can showcase your love to family and friends by capturing special moments and preserving memories. Some of the best designs for pride gifts include the pride rainbow, a rainbow flag, tie dye, and sayings like "love is love" or "love wins".

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