Vintage Christmas Cards

Looking for a touch of elegance this Christmastime? Consider dolling up your photos with some vintage loveliness. Your family portraits have never looked so good as they will in vintage-style photos, whether you're able to grab some vintage costumes or not.


Some tips for making your vintage Christmas cards look amazing with costumes:

  • Find some props that match the era for your costumes. These could be handheld props (antiques or vintage fans, etc.) or backdrop props (barrels, wagon wheels, etc.)
  • Use vintage sheet music for props or backdrop pieces
  • Find an old library-style setting for your backdrop
  • Pose with an old car
  • Pose with your vintage Christmas décor pieces
  • Take photos at Grandma's house where her antique furniture and knick-knacks are on display
  • Take photos at a museum (vintage farm, anyone?)
  • Strike poses like the old days - no smiles, just serious faces


If you're going to use modern clothing for your vintage cards, some additional tips might apply.

  • Dress in patterns and bright colors to help give your clothing texture in black and white
  • Hold some small vintage props for that extra touch of "something"
  • Layer in some photos of vintage items for your additional accent photos
  • Take photos with vintage-esque pieces or settings (think rocking chairs on the porch and antique sofas)


Your vintage-inspired Christmas cards will look amazing, whatever you do. There is something about black and white that draws out elegance and romance like that only found in days past. Be sure to have some fun with the photos. Your friends and family will love the shots because they will know you were enjoying yourselves.

How To Personalize Vintage Christmas Cards

CVS Photo makes it easy to personalize your own Vintage Christmas Cards in simple steps and provides same day pickup as well as free and fast shipping options so you can get your cards in the mail in no time. With so many options to customize cards, you’ll have a unique Vintage Christmas Cards like no other!

Step One: Choose Your Favorite Vintage Christmas Card Design

Browse a variety of Vintage Christmas Cards designs and select your favorite to customize.

Step Two: Pick A Card Type

Choose between different card types such as matte or glossy photo cards, 2 sided cardstock, and premium cardstock. Step Three: Select A Quantity of Cards Choose to order cards in quantities of 20-500 depending on your needs!

Step Four: Choose Trim Option

Card trim is available in three options: Square, Rounded, and Scalloped

Step Five: Create!

This is the time to make your Vintage Christmas Cards like no other! Add photos, text, and customize using your favorite fonts and colors! Step Six: Review and Select Pickup or Shipping Options Review your fully designed Vintage Christmas Cards to ensure it appears as desired and select between same day pickup and shipping options.

How To Save On Vintage Christmas Cards From CVS

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How Fast Can I Get Vintage Christmas Cards from CVS?

Vintage Christmas Cards are available for Same Day Pickup at your local CVS. Design your Vintage Christmas Cards and add to cart to pickup today and get your Christmas Cards in the mail!

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