Whether you have an itty-bitty dog breed or a friendly feline, small collars are a great way to add a pop of personality to your pet's look. These small collars are also a great way to identify your pet in case they ever roam away from home. Choose from personalized collars with fun prints at CVS Photo to find the perfect collar for your companion. Read on to learn more about cat collars and small collars for dogs.

When to Use Small Collars

The size of the collar your pet needs will depend on a few things including their age, the type of pet, and the breed. Most puppies can use a small collar until they grow, then you can move them over to a large collar. Some dog breeds might need a medium to large-sized collar right away if they're already bigger in size. A small collar is also perfect for cats so you can give them a cute accessory. When it comes to using small collars on dogs, measure their neck and compare the measurement against the specs listed for the collar you're interested in. Always give your dog an extra inch or so of give so you know the collar isn't going to be too tight or uncomfortable.

Personalize Your Cat Collar

You can add a cute touch to your small collar with a personalized name or nickname. Look for collar patterns that add a playful touch like paw print patterns, colorful swirls, and flowers. If you find several adorable colors and patterns that you like, buy several different ones and switch them out whenever you want. Add your pet's name to the collar so they can be identified in case they ever roam off or get lost. Adding a personalized option to small collars will also make them look a whole lot cuter, too!

Cat Collar Ideas

Whether you need a new collar for walking your dog or you just want to enhance your pet’s look, a custom collar is a perfect way to give your furry friend lots of sweet personality. Choose from the many available patterns and designs at CVS Photo and be sure to add their name or a photograph for an adorable finishing touch.

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