Essential Wedding Cards

Wedding cards enable you to communicate with family and friends about your special day. A personally customized card is a beautiful way to let loved ones know you've set a date for your nuptials or to express your gratitude for a gift.

What Is a Save the Date Wedding Card?

A lot of planning goes into a wedding, so while you may have picked a date for tying the knot, details about the time and venue might not yet be finalized. Use a save-the-date wedding card to let guests know when you're planning your nuptials, so they can keep the day free on their calendars. Save-the-date announcements are especially helpful if you're getting married in an out-of-town destination, so guests can plan ahead and book time off work to travel. When your plans come together, announce the details by sending official wedding invitations. You can also create cards to invite guests to other wedding-related events, such as the engagement party, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.

When Should You Send Thank-You Wedding Cards?

Friends and family often like to celebrate your special day with engagement, shower and wedding gifts. Even if you acknowledge a gift in person, it's common etiquette to send a written thank-you wedding card. Aim to have cards mailed within 2 weeks of receiving a gift if it's before your wedding and 2-3 months if you receive the gift close to or on your wedding day. It's also considerate to send a thank-you card to anyone who organizes or hosts an event on your behalf. Keep a supply of thank-you cards on hand to make it easy to send one when needed.

What Should You Write on Wedding Cards?

Write a personal note of appreciation in each of your wedding thank-you cards. The message doesn't have to be elaborate but should be tailored to each person. Refer to the gift-giver by name, and thank them for the specific gift. You can add a line about how useful the gift will be or how meaningful it is to you. If the person also attended the engagement party, bridal shower or wedding, tell them how much you appreciated their presence in celebrating with you. End by thanking the gift-giver for their kindness or thoughtfulness.

Where Can You Buy Wedding Cards?

Customized cards for your wedding, engagement and bridal shower can be easily ordered from online photo services, such as CVS Photo. Select from templates in a variety of styles and colors, and personalize the cards to reflect your personality, preferences or wedding theme.