Wedding Thank You Cards

You've finally tied the knot and opened every last present — now it's time to move on to the wedding thank you cards. Showing your appreciation for the gifts and well wishes your guests extended is an important post-wedding duty. Ordering customized thank you cards adds a special touch and makes it easy to show your gratitude.

How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

Some couples choose generic thank you cards and write personal messages in them to thank wedding guests. Another option is creating photo cards with a personal thank you message from you as a couple to send to guests. You can add a personal note to each recipient on the photo card as well. Handwritten notes can take time and might make you feel overwhelmed. Working in small batches can help make the job easier.

When to Send Wedding Thank You Cards

A general guideline is to send all wedding thank you cards out within 1 to 3 months of receiving the gift. However, sending them sooner is even better. Start working on your thank you cards as soon as you get a chance once the excitement and activity of the wedding celebration winds down. If you don't get the thank you cards sent within 3 months, it's not too late to send them. It's always a good idea to send a note of appreciation, even if it's later than the wedding etiquette experts recommend. Your guests will still be happy to receive a token of appreciation for the gifts they chose for you.

Where to Buy Wedding Thank You Cards

You can typically pick up wedding thank you cards anywhere that sells thank you or wedding stationery. If you use CVS Photo for your wedding stationery, you can create wedding thank you cards with photo images that personalize them to your celebration. The wedding thank you card examples and templates make it easy to find inspiration and create a custom thank you for your big day. Simply add your personal message, and pop a photo into the template to make your thank you cards.

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