Wood Block Calendars

If you want a classic calendar for the desk at your home or office, you can't go wrong with a wood block calendar. Displaying different designs on 12 different monthly cards, a wood block calendar has a small maple finish wood stand on which to display the thick premium cardstock monthly cards. The standard size for a wood block calendar has a base that measures three inches wide by two and a quarter inches deep by three-quarters of an inch high. The cards have rounded corners and measure six inches by eight and a quarter inches.

The nice thing about wood block calendars is that they are easily in your line of sight on your desk. The monthly cards can have standard designs and themes, or you can design your own to look back at your favorite memories and photos throughout the year. With colorful designs and great photos, these calendars add style and substance to your desk--not to mention keeping you up-to-date with the date!

You can make yourself a wood block calendar to spice up your office space or kitchen counter, or you can design them as gifts to give to friends or family members. Whether you want to go with a theme or design already made or personalize your own, you can't go wrong when giving someone a wood block calendar as a gift--everyone needs to stay on schedule! It's a great way to relive your most recent memories and have your loved ones smiling at new photos all throughout the year.

From vintage designs to watercolor prints, you can find all sorts of theming and designs in wood block calendars that will match your style or the style of your gift recipient!


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