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Infant First Aid Care

You never know when your child may fall ill or suffer a minor injury, but you can feel confident that you'll be ready to take action at the first sign of symptoms or immediately after the accident occurs. Stocking your first aid kit with products that are intended for babies and kids can help ensure that you're prepared to deal with everything from colds to insect bites to cuts and scrapes. CVS has a diverse assortment of first aid products available for you to buy online and have shipped to your door.

Wound Care For Children

When your child suffers a minor cut, scrape or other skin injury, proper wound care can reduce the risk of infection and assist with healing. Experts typically recommend using an antiseptic to help eliminate microbes from the skin on and around the wound. Antibiotic topical products can be applied while the wound heals to help fight bacteria that cause infections.

Infant Skin Irritation

If your child is suffering from minor skin irritation, you can use over-the-counter topical medications to help ease symptoms. Products that contain cortisone may ease itching by helping to counteract the immune system’s response to the irritant trigger. Healing ointments and lotions can be applied to areas of irritated, dry skin to help soothe the tissue and aid in the healing process.

Best Baby First Aid Kit

Most routine illnesses and minor injuries can be safely addressed at home with infant and children's first aid products, but it is always best to consult a medical provider about the best way help your child. A health care professional can discuss proper wound care techniques with you and recommend the best products for handling the common cold, insect bites and other illnesses and first aid concerns. It is important that you consult a medical provider before giving your child any oral medication or supplement or using any topical medicine for the first time. Following the directions for use provided by the manufacturer can help to ensure best results.