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Best Breakfast Food

The phrase "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" isn't just a simple saying. Studies have found that eating breakfast has a number of health benefits for children and adults of all ages. CVS can help you get your day off to the best possible start with a huge selection of foods that are perfect for breakfast.

The Importance of Breakfast

All day long, your body requires calories to fuel all of its processes. Eating food early in the day ensures that your body has an adequate supply of calories. In addition, eating in the morning curbs hunger, making it easier to make healthy choices when it comes time for other meals. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast daily have a lower body mass index and better levels of memory and attention during the day than those who do not. In addition, science shows that eating breakfast makes it more likely that you'll consume enough calcium and fiber during the day, particularly when you choose healthy breakfast foods.

Best Breakfast Cereals

Cereal is a popular choice of breakfast food and can be a healthy way to begin your day. Many cereals are high in dietary fiber, and some are enriched with vitamins that are essential for a balanced diet. This product selection includes cold cereals, instant hot cereals that are simply mixed with boiling water and slow-cook hot cereals.

Pancake Mix

Love making a hot breakfast for your family but don't have tons of time to cook in the morning? Prepared breakfast foods and mixes can help you prepare pancakes, waffles and other favorites in a hurry.

Breakfast On The Go

When you don't have time to sit down for breakfast, you don't have to simply skip your morning meal. There are a number of breakfast foods that are easy to enjoy on the go, including breakfast bars and shakes.

Healthiest Breakfast

No matter what your dietary concerns are, CVS has breakfast foods that will fit perfectly into your eating plan. You can filter products to focus on foods that are free of gluten, dairy products, sugar and animal products to quickly locate products that are ideal for your diet. It's also possible to search for non-genetically modified (GMO), organic, all natural and kosher foods in seconds. If you're hungry for a particular breakfast food, filter by product to find it fast.

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