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Spoken Rx RFID-tagged prescription label being read by CVS Pharmacy app

“Hi! It's your prescription talking.”

Spoken Rx® tells you which prescription you’re holding and how to take it.* All you need is a smart tagged prescription and the CVS Pharmacy® mobile app. Begin Registration
Spoken Rx RFID-tagged prescription label being read by CVS Pharmacy app
Available now at a CVS Pharmacy location near you

What's Spoken Rx?

It's a smart tagged prescription label that works with our app to read your prescription information aloud — in English or Spanish.

Created for blind or low-vision patients, Spoken Rx shares your prescription information without having to read the label.

  • You know which medication you're holding and how to take it, without anyone's help.

  • To have future prescriptions smart tagged for free, just sign up. We'll add a note to your file.

  • You only need an iPhone or Android smartphone, the smart tagged prescription and our app.

  • It gives you confidence and independence in understanding your prescriptions and taking your medication. It also provides caregivers with the assurance they need to know that everything is okay.

  • You can hear all confirmed prescription details including the patient’s name, drug name and dose, directions for use and prescription number plus the address and phone number of the pharmacy. If you have any questions, contact your CVS® pharmacist or provider right away.

Spoken Rx is easy to use:

  1. Go to the app’s Pharmacy section and tap the Spoken Rx icon.
  2. When prompted, hold your tagged prescription within four inches of the phone.
  3. The app will scan your tag and start reading the prescription name and instructions out loud.

Learn how to use our Spoken Rx readerOpens in new tab

For help with accessibility issues, email

If you need help setting up Spoken Rx and learning how to use it, just ask your pharmacist. If you do not have a smartphone or access to the CVS Pharmacy app, your local CVS pharmacist can arrange for you to receive a reader at no cost. You can also explore this helpful video series from Hadley to learn how to use our Spoken Rx readerOpens in new tab.

Finally, an Rx label that speaks for itself

Created for our visually impaired patients, Spoken Rx helps take the guesswork out of taking prescriptions.

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