We'll refill right on time. Every time.

ReadyFill is ready to make your life easier. Here's how it works:

  • Enroll eligible prescriptions at CVS Pharmacy® or online now.
  • We'll refill your prescriptions and let you know when they're ready.**
  • Add or remove prescriptions online anytime.

To enroll now, sign in. Eligible prescriptions will be listed "ReadyFill eligible" on the Automatic Refills page.

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Frequently asked questions

ReadyFill is a CVS Pharmacy service that refills select ongoing prescriptions so they're ready when you need them. We'll let you know when they're ready — no need to call or order refills.

ReadyFill makes it easy to have your prescriptions all the time and stay on a path to better health.

Many common maintenance prescriptions taken for long-term therapy — including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes medications — are eligible for ReadyFill.

Prescriptions with less than a 21-day supply, controlled substances and those not covered by certain third-party plans aren't eligible.

If you have questions about prescription eligibility, call or visit your pharmacy.

Yes. Just sign in and go to the Pharmacy home page. If you have eligible prescriptions, you'll see an alert below the dashboard inviting you to enroll.

You also can sign in and go to the Automatic Refill page under Pharmacy Settings. If a prescription is eligible, you'll see a ReadyFill label and a link that you can click to enroll.

Note: If you don't have eligible prescriptions, you won't see a ReadyFill link on the Automatic Refill page.

We'll refill your prescriptions a few days before you are due to run out of your current fill. If you've opted into pharmacy text or phone alerts, we'll let you know when your prescription is ready for pickup.

If you have zero refills left, we'll request a prescription renewal from your prescriber before your next ReadyFill due date. If you no longer need the prescription, let your local pharmacy team know or unenroll online.

ScriptSync is a service that coordinates eligible refills so you can pick them up together at your CVS Pharmacy. That means fewer notifications from us and fewer trips for you. See how ScriptSync works

Yes, just speak with your local CVS pharmacy team. Unfortunately, you can't do it online right now.

Yes. Create a CVS.com account if needed and add prescription access. If you already have a CVS.com account, sign in and go to the Automatic Refill page if you'd like to make changes.

If you have permission to manage someone's prescriptions, you can view and update their ReadyFill prescriptions on the Automatic Refill page just as you do your own.

If you'd like to add caregiver access to family members' prescriptions, go to the Manage Family Members page.

Yes, you may use ReadyFill to manage prescriptions that are filled at different locations.

No. ReadyFill is a free service.

*Not all prescriptions are eligible. See your pharmacist.

**If you are enrolled to receive either reminder calls or text messages.