Make Memories with a Custom Scalloped Photo Ornament

Christmas ornaments are a great tradition that most people enjoy. Having custom photo ornaments made is a great way to make fun Christmas memories that you can hang on your tree each year. These custom-made scalloped photo ornaments also make a wonderful gift for loved ones. You can pick your own picture to use so that the Christmas memories will be uniquely yours.

For many people, picking out a great family photo to use on these ornaments is a fantastic option. You can send the photo along with a Christmas card to your closest relatives. It also makes a great gift idea all on its own. Putting a picture of your children on an ornament, for example, is something that you can give to a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. You can be certain that they will absolutely love seeing the ornament each year. You can even purchase a custom photo ornament each year so that you can look back as your family grows to remember what everyone looked like in the past.

Quality Maple Photo Ornament

These custom photo ornaments are printed on high-quality maple wood. This not only gives the ornament a beautiful rustic look and feel, but also helps to ensure that it will remain in great shape for years to come. Glass bulbs are great, but they are much more fragile compared to a maple photo ornament. Get your custom photo Christmas ornament printed off at your local CVS pharmacy or order one online today.

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