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Wedding Announcements

Whether you're recently engaged or now newlyweds, your family and friends will want to share in your joy. Wedding and engagement announcements make it possible for you to spread the word, and CVS Photo can help you do so in a personal way with custom announcement designs. Whether your taste is traditional, modern, whimsical, or rustic, there are engagement and wedding announcements that will perfectly reflect your sense of style.

Engagement announcements let your relatives and friends know that the proposal has been made and the "yes!" has been given. You can send engagement announcements to everyone that is important to you or to distant family and out-of-state friends who might not have heard the happy news. Engagement announcements usually include names and the date of the proposal. In some cases, couples also choose to add information about when the wedding may occur like a specific date or the month and year.

Wedding announcements are an optional wedding stationery option that many couples choose to send. Announcements usually detail the couple's names, the date of the wedding, and the location where the event took place. Couples who eloped or had small or destination weddings may opt to send wedding announcements to those who could not be present at the big day. Some couples send out announcements to all of their friends and family to provide a keepsake of the wedding.

Make Wedding Announcements Personal With Photos

Adding photographs to your wedding announcement cards is a great way to help guests share in the day. For your photo wedding announcements, you can showcase your favorite picture from the big day or create a collage with two or more images. Photo engagement announcements are also popular and can include pictures from a professional photoshoot or pictures that the two of you have taken throughout your relationship.


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