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Executive Team

Our team works hard for your health

We have a talented executive management team focused on bringing affordable health care to where you live.

Andrew Sussman, MD
President of MinuteClinic® and Executive Vice President/Associate Medical Officer, CVS Health

Under Dr. Sussman's leadership, MinuteClinic has expanded its range of clinical services and formed strategic affiliations with 25 leading health care systems to improve patients' access to high-quality medical treatment. Since 2011 MinuteClinic has added more than 200 new clinics and has announced plans to open an additional 850 clinics by 2017 with a target of a total of 1,500 clinics.

Nancy Gagliano, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Angela Patterson, MS, FNP-BC
Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer

Sharon Vitti
Vice President of Operations

Jim Murray
Vice President of Information Services

Meredith Dixon, MSN, APRN-BC
Associate Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer

Michelle Potorski
Sr. Director of Marketing

Randy Stowell
Director of Human Resources

Kimberly Castro
Director of Finance