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Changing Nothing Can Change Everything

The Beauty Mark is our pledge to pass a healthy self-image on to the next generation.

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Our Pledge to Transparency

We made a promise

A promise to always represent beauty as it truly is — real and unaltered. It's our commitment to you.

We made a mark

Our Beauty Mark appears on photos of models that have not been thinned, smoothed or digitally altered.

We made a change

We're taking part in a movement to change the industry, and we've asked our partner brands to join us.

Beauty Unaltered logo

100% Beauty Image Transparency

All of our beauty imagery is labeled, unaltered or otherwise, for full transparency. See how Beauty Unaltered® helps empower mental well‐being, too.

80% of women in the US don't like how they look. Two‐thirds of women agree the media has set an unrealistic standard of beauty, and the American Medical Association has labeled "unrealistic images" as a serious health issue. What we see matters.

That's why CVS® made a promise to not alter our beauty images — because when an industry changes how it sees women, it can change how women see themselves.

What We See Matters*


45% of women use filters to alter their appearance on video calls.


71% of women say it's impossible not to compare themselves to others online.


85% of women wish there was more transparency in the sharing of beauty imagery.

Now Is the Time to Look at Beauty through a Mental Health Lens

That's why we've set a new standard of beauty — real and transparent.

A split-screen image of the same female model. On the left side, the photo has not been digitally altered, and features the Beauty Unaltered logo. On the right side, the same photo has been digitally altered, featuring the words, Digitally Altered.

Thank You to Our Leading Partners for Their Commitment

*for what we see matters statistics: Above survey results are from 2021 research by media psychologist Doctor Pamela Rutledge, PhD, among women ages 18‐35. The survey was conducted by CVS Health® through The Harris Poll.