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We're here to help guide you through COVID-19.

Latest CDC guidance

Updated booster vaccines targeting the latest COVID-19 variants are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for age 6 months and older at least 2 months after completion of their primary series or latest monovalent booster dose. The booster for age 18 months and older is available at MinuteClinic.

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State-licensed pharmacists can now prescribe Paxlovid, a COVID-19 antiviral medication, under the recently revised FDA amendment to the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).1

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COVID-19 services at CVS Pharmacy®

COVID-19 vaccines

Learn about the vaccines and schedule an appointment near you.

COVID-19 testing

We offer both lab testing performed in the drive-thru and rapid-result testing.2

At-home testing

Test yourself for COVID-19 at home with over-the-counter kits.

COVID-19 treatment

We offer multiple ways to help treat COVID-19 and manage symptoms.

COVID-19 treatment services

In-clinic testing at MinuteClinic

Visit a MinuteClinic® provider to be tested for COVID-19 and discuss treatment options.4

Be sure to schedule a COVID-19 “rapid test with provider visit” before you go.

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In-person or Virtual Care treatment with a MinuteClinic provider

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, you can schedule a visit with a MinuteClinic provider, and if eligible, develop a treatment plan. Appointments are available in person or virtually. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted. 

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Pharmacists can now prescribe Paxlovid

If you are eligible, CVS® pharmacists can now prescribe Paxlovid, a COVID-19 antiviral medication. Eligibility for this service is dependent on several factors, including having certain bloodwork completed within the last 12 months. 

Unfortunately, this service is not available for Medicaid members at this time. Medicare beneficiaries may seek an assessment from a CVS pharmacist using self-pay.6

Learn more about COVID-19 treatment options

We’re committed to helping you stay safe while you visit our stores

  • Disinfectant wipe stations for your cart or basket
  • Regular cleaning of hard surfaces and frequently handled items
  • Face coverings required for employees and customers who are not fully vaccinated5
  • Protective panels at checkout and pharmacy counters
  • Health, safety and science will continue to drive our decision-making process

Keep informed to stay on your path toward better health.

For the latest COVID-19 guidelines and COVID-19 vaccine progress, visit these Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web pages.

  • 1FOR PHARMACISTS PRESCRIBING PAXLOVID: This service is available in all locations, with the exception of those in New Hampshire.

  • 2FOR DRIVE-THRU TESTING RESULTS: Lab samples are sent to an off-site laboratory and results may take 1 to 2 days or even longer in some instances or in times of peak demand. Based on the off-site lab's volume, your response time may vary. 

    COVID-19 TESTING FUNDING: COVID-19 testing is funded through a contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Funding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not meant to serve as an official endorsement of any particular product or entity by the United States Government.

  • 3FOR FLU AND COVID-19 VACCINE: No-cost flu and COVID-19 shots with most insurance plans. COVID-19 vaccine is no cost for those uninsured.

  • 4FOR TREATMENT OPTIONS: If you test positive, providers at select MinuteClinic® locations may be able to prescribe you antiviral medication. Your eligibility depends on certain medical criteria. You cannot take this medication if you are pregnant. Visit the MinuteClinic® COVID-19 testing page for more details.

  • 5FOR FACE COVERINGS IN STORE: Children under 2 years of age and people with medical conditions or disabilities who may be adversely affected by a face covering do not need to wear one.

  • 6SELF PAY FOR MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES: Medicare beneficiaries are restricted to the self-pay option due to coverage limitations in federal law. A covered assessment may be available from other providers.