Multi-dose Packs

Reduce the stress of taking multiple medications.*

Have all your meds organized into packs and labeled according to the date and time you should take them.

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Who knew it could be this easy?

Small, convenient packs in a continuous strip, stored in an efficient dispenser box. Simply tear your next scheduled pack(s) from the strip.


Each order is custom-filled and individually labeled just for you with your medications name, description and dosage.

Organized by date and time

Each pack is clearly marked with the date, day of the week and simple icons telling you when to take your next dose — morning, midday, evening or bedtime.


Your 30-day supply of multi-dose packs means fewer trips to the pharmacy and less time organizing multiple bottles and pill boxes.


The dispenser box holds all your medications in one place. Work, travel or on the go, packs are easy to take along with you. You can have your 30-day supply sent to your home or to the pharmacy.

Example of Multi-dose package with your name, time and date to take, dosage strength and medicine name

At-a-glance listing of all medications included on the inside of the box.

Example of Multi-dose label

Sign up today! Fill out our online enrollment form or call us at 1-800-753-0596.** If you reside in DC, GA or SC, please call 1-844-650-1637.

Here's what you'll need to get started:
  1. Your list of medications with prescriber information
  2. The location(s) of where you currently fill your prescriptions
  3. Billing/insurance information

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When you sign up for this service your prescriptions will all be filled by CVS Pharmacy®.

Multi-dose packs are provided without additional cost. To align prescriptions on a 30-day cycle one or more additional co-pays may be required by your plan. Your pharmacist will discuss if necessary.

Yes. We fill and bill all medications on the same day. We will adjust your filling day to the date that is easiest for you to pay. Please let us know your preference.

Please notify CVS Pharmacy of ANY changes made by your health care provider as soon as possible to ensure your order is accurate and ready on time. Prior to filing your packs each month, we will also complete a check-in call with you to confirm your current medications and address any needed changes.

Yes. As a caregiver you can sign up on behalf of the person you're caring for.

Any medication outside your monthly regimen can be picked up at your local CVS Pharmacy.

Yes. We can easily include over-the-counter medications in your packs as long as they have been prescribed to you. They can be transferred easily or we can request a prescription for your over-the-counter medication directly from your physician.

Your medications can be shipped to the CVS Pharmacy of your choice or directly to your home, at no added cost.

*Multi-dose packaging is provided without additional fees. Drug costs may change when prescriptions are transferred to a new pharmacy or change from a 90-day prescription to a 30-day prescription. To align prescriptions on a 30-day cycle, 1 or more additional co-pays may be required by the patient’s plan. Not all medications can be included in the Multi-Dose packs. Please contact your CVS Pharmacy team for additional information.

**Available 24/7 in select states and stores.