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Rx labels clear as day

We’ve created color-coded Rx labels and a personalized prescription schedule to help you take your medications at the right time.*

4 ways we made prescription bottles simpler

Know what meds to take and when

Along with color-coded Rx labels marked “Morning,” “Midday,” “Evening” and “Bedtime,” we’ve created other ways to help you better manage your medications. Also available in Spanish.

  1. Color-coded dosage schedule
  2. Larger text for increased readability
  3. Easy-to-find prescription information
  4. Reorder in a snap with easy-to-read refill details as applicable

Have your prescription read aloud with Spoken Rx®

We’ll read your bottle label to you through our app

CVS has created Spoken Rx, a smart tag on your prescription bottle that can be read aloud — in English or Spanish — by our app, letting you know the medication’s name and how to take it.

Learn more about Spoken Rx

More ways we can help with prescriptions

Transfer Rx to CVS® in three easy steps


See how easy it is to transfer your prescriptions to CVS

Get prescriptions refilled automatically


With worry-free refills, we'll automatically refill select prescriptions and let you know when they're ready.

*FOR PRESCRIPTION SCHEDULES: Includes drugs dispensed at CVS Pharmacy® locations. Does not include specialty drugs or mail order drugs.  The actual drug information and dosing instructions you receive may vary from the sample shown. Your privacy is important to us. Our employees are trained regarding the appropriate way to handle your private health information.