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Vaccine clinic facts and requirements

  • All locations must be within 30 miles of a local CVS Pharmacy® in the same state.
  • Vaccines will be administered by certified immunizers.
  • A minimum of 30 immunizations is required per clinic. Clinic length is determined by the rate of 12 immunizations per hour per immunizer.
  • If minimum number of participants cannot be met, vaccine vouchers are available to be redeemed. Access vouchers hereExternal Site.
  • Additional recommended vaccines are available by request, including COVID-19 boosters, shingles, pneumonia and more.

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These two informative flyers will guide your participants on how to schedule their vaccinations at a nearby retail location.

Download flu flyer Download immunizations flyer Download on-site vaccine client guide

Our vaccine voucher program can be a great benefit to your organization.

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Frequently asked questions

Changes to clinic details can be made in the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler until it has been confirmed by the CVS Pharmacy. For any changes needed after that, please reach out to the local contact who helped you set up the on-site clinic.

We encourage you to refer your participants to get a vaccine at their local CVS Pharmacy. You may also request vouchers to pay for their vaccines. Learn more here.

We accept most major pharmacy benefit plans and some medical plans along with Medicare Part B. Clients are urged to contact their health plan to learn if the vaccinations will be covered at CVS Pharmacy.

  1. Clients cover the cost of the flu vaccine for their participants.
  2. Clients will be issued an electronic version of the retail voucher to be distributed to eligible participants for them to redeem at CVS Pharmacy or the on-site clinic.
  3. Vouchers are available for standard-dose flu vaccines, senior-dose flu vaccines and CVS-administered expanded vaccines.
  4. Clients are invoiced for the vouchers redeemed on a monthly basis.

*for vaccines you need: Vaccines available when certified immunizer or MinuteClinic® health care provider is on duty. Age restrictions apply. Eligible patients will not pay any copayments unless required by their plan, including Medicare Part B.