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The vaccines you need, administered where you need us

Click below to learn more about how we can support your organization with our vaccine programs.* All vaccines are administered by certified immunizers.

On-site vaccine clinics
Advanced Scheduler
Vaccine Voucher

On-site vaccine clinics

Host a convenient, accessible on-site vaccine clinic and help protect your members or employees.

You can use our self-service Vaccine Clinic Scheduler portal to sign a contract, request a vaccine clinic for your organization and find a local CVS® point of contact.

Learn more about on-site clinicsExternal site
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More information on clinics:

  • All locations must be within 30 miles of a local CVS Pharmacy® store in the same state
  • A minimum of 48 vaccines is required per clinic
  • Available vaccines include flu, COVID-19, shingles, pneumonia and more
  • A contract is required

Advanced Scheduler

Offer your members or employees the unique opportunity for priority, in-store vaccine scheduling. Advanced Scheduler is a great option for organizations that cannot meet the vaccine clinic requirements.

To use this program, organizations can download the Advanced Scheduler brochure to distribute to participants. Participants use the QR code to register for vaccine appointments at a CVS Pharmacy of their choice.

Download our Advanced Scheduler brochure

For more information, email

More information on our Advanced Scheduler offering:

  • There is no minimum to the number of participants
  • Can be combined with the Vaccine Voucher program
  • All vaccines are available for this program, unless combined with the Vaccine Voucher program
  • No contract is required, unless the service is combined with the Vaccine Voucher program

Vaccine Voucher

Enrollment in the Vaccine Voucher program allows organizations to be invoiced directly for their participants’ vaccinations.

Download our Vaccine Voucher guide

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For more information, email

More information on Vaccine Voucher:

  • There is no minimum number of participants
  • Unique ID or multi-use vouchers are available
  • Vouchers can be combined with the Advanced Scheduler program
  • A contract is required

Over 9,000 locations. Open 7 days a week. We’re here to support you and your organization.

The flyers and guide below will help you and your participants navigate the clinic process.

Download flu flyer Download on-site vaccine client guide

Have additional questions? We’re here to help.

Questions about workplace clinics Questions about long-term care clinics

Frequently asked questions

Changes to clinic details can be made in the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler until it has been confirmed by CVS Pharmacy. Once the clinic is confirmed, you must request changes via email to your CVS Clinic Contact.

We encourage you to utilize the Advanced Scheduler offering. You may also choose to combine it with the Vaccine Voucher offering.

We accept most major pharmacy benefit plans and some medical plans along with Medicare Part B. Clients are urged to contact their health plan to learn if it will cover the vaccinations at CVS Pharmacy.

  1. Client downloads the Advanced Scheduler brochure.
  2. Client distributes page 2 of the brochure to all eligible participants for scheduling a vaccine appointment using the QR code.
  3. Participants schedule a vaccine appointment at a CVS pharmacy of their choosing.
  4. Clients may choose to combine with the Vaccine Voucher program and cover vaccines for their participants.

  1. Clients cover the cost of the vaccine for their participants.
  2. Clients will be issued an electronic version of the retail voucher to be distributed to eligible participants. The voucher can be redeemed at CVS Pharmacy or the on-site clinic.
  3. Vouchers are available for standard-dose flu vaccines, high-dose flu vaccines and CVS administered expanded vaccines.
  4. Clients are invoiced on a monthly basis for redeemed vouchers.

*for our vaccine programs: Vaccines available when certified immunizer is on duty. Age restrictions apply. Eligible patients will not pay any copayments unless required by their insurance plan, including Medicare Part B.Back