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Clinic Reviews in Pittsburgh

Average Customer Rating for 4610 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15213: 4.2 (14 Ratings)
November 7, 2022
"I dont see how it could be any better. Staff was super. "
October 19, 2022
"My visit to the MinuteClinic at 4610 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA was great. I felt safe and cared for."
September 26, 2022
"I received a flu vaccine. The woman who gave me the vaccine was pleasant, friendly and got me in and out quickly. She made me feel very comfortable. "
Average Customer Rating for 355 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue PA, 15202: 5 (14 Ratings)
December 1, 2022
"For the first time ever using this service, I was very impressed. As a worker in the healthcare industry, it was amazing to find an open appointment on the same day I needed care. I only waited a couple minutes to be seen, spent less then 10 minutes being treated, and another 5-10 to get my prescription at the pharmacy right beside it. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience and would come back again!"
November 15, 2022
"First I had no idea the clinic was there and was very satisfied with the care I received. Very thorough"
November 11, 2022
" Very professional !!"
November 10, 2022
"Nurse was very knowledgeable and caring."
November 1, 2022
"Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable as always."
Average Customer Rating for 328 Cochran Road, Mount Lebanon PA, 15228: 4.8 (14 Ratings)
November 1, 2022
"I appreciate the professionalism and handling of my sinus infection and received the appropriate medication to recover. "
September 29, 2022
"Nurse was about as approachable as feral animal. Resented when I confirmed that the vaccine was want I expected"
Average Customer Rating for 611 Duncan Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15237: 4.5 (20 Ratings)
November 23, 2022
"[...] { I think that was the NP name) Was very attentive to my medical issues. I felt confident in her diagnosis.."
November 22, 2022
"The Nurse Practitioner I worked with was so kind and professional and addressed all of my questions and concerns with great care"
November 14, 2022
"My visit was due to a sinus infection . I was impressed with the high professionalism of the care providers and I didn’t have to wait for my pre-scheduled appointment."
November 10, 2022
"They were very thorough"
November 10, 2022
"Impressed with cleanliness of clinic. NP was professional, as well as personable. Great first impression. Would highly recommend."

CVS Walk-In Clinics near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh MinuteClinics®

It's easy to find a walk-in clinic in Pittsburgh. There are 7 MinuteClinics® near the city, so you never have to travel far to get medical support. Whether you're taking classes at La Roche University, in the heart of downtown, or out in the suburbs, safe, in-person care is nearby.Save money and time with a trip to MinuteClinic® rather than to Children's Hospital North Surgery Center or Urgent Care in Pittsburgh. If you're suffering from minor illnesses such as sinus infections and strep throat or minor injuries such as splinters and bug bites, visit a CVS walk-in clinic in the Pittsburgh area, or book a telehealth visit if you're feeling too sick for an in-person visit.

Pittsburgh Clinics

Camp Guyasuta - Boy Scouts of America is fun to hike around, but Pittsburgh residents know that getting outside can result in injuries like poison ivy and uncomfortable sunburns. If you need assistance treating a minor injury, visit our walk-in clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Before long you will be back to your plans, like relaxing at Pleasant Valley Beach.There's more to health and wellness than simply recovering from minor illnesses and injuries. Our Pittsburgh walk-in clinics provide immunizations, physicals, wellness checks, and more.

Pittsburgh MinuteClinic® Services

The following services are available when you stop into a MinuteClinic® in the Pittsburgh area:

  • Get examined for symptoms of maladies like sinus infection, STDs, strep throat, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can provide a diagnosis and help devise a treatment plan.
  • If you suffer a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We provide wound treatment, strain treatment, staple removal, bug bite treatment, and more to help get you on the mend.
  • Find out your important numbers, like BMI and blood pressure. Test for and get help managing chronic conditions with high cholesterol treatment, hepatitis C screening test, diabetes monitoring, and other screenings.
  • Visit a Pittsburgh clinic for help with itchy, dry skin as well as rash treatment, lice treatment, mouth sore treatment, and a variety of other minor skin conditions.
  • Receive a pre-travel consultation for help finding out everything you need to get ready for your trip, based on where you are traveling. Find out about typhoid prevention, malaria prevention, traveler's diarrhea prevention, and other challenges you may face while traveling internationally.
  • CVS is where you can go for a slate of immunizations for the entire family—from children to adults. Sought-after shots such as the COVID-19 vaccine, pneumonia treatment, and pertussis vaccine are readily available.
  • From ear wax removal to COVID-19 antibody testing, a weight loss program, DOT physicals, and more, CVS practitioners help you control your health and get ready for college, sports leagues, and jobs.
  • A MinuteClinic® in Pittsburgh can help you get valuable women's services such as urinary tract infection treatment, yeast infection treatment, vaginosis treatment, and more, for times when you can't visit your primary care physician or OB/GYN.

A Pittsburgh clinic is here to help satisfy your healthcare demands. Head to one of our 7 MinuteClinic® locations in the area to receive the care you deserve.

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