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CVS Walk-In Clinics near GREENVILLE, South Carolina

Greenville MinuteClinics®

It's easy to find a walk-in clinic in Greenville. There are 9 MinuteClinics® near the city, so you never have to travel far to get medical support. Whether you're out in the suburbs, living on campus at Strayer University-South Carolina, or in the heart of the city, safe, in-person care is nearby.If you have a minor illness such as an ear infection or a stye, or a minor injury such as a splinter or bug bite, MinuteClinic® can help facilitate your recovery. You will get professional assistance at less of a cost than going to Urgent Care in Greenville or a visit to Children's Medical Center. If you are not feeling well enough to come in, but would like professional consultation, you can schedule a telehealth appointment.

Walk-in Clinics in Greenville

Greenville natives enjoy seeing the area and its numerous highlights; however, spending time trekking around Rainbow RV Park can lead to injuries, from ticks to uncomfortable sunburns and assorted wounds. Visiting a walk-in clinic in Greenville, South Carolina helps get you back to 100% and back to what you really enjoy, like enjoying all the city has to offer.There's more to staying healthy than simply recovering from minor injuries and illnesses. Our Greenville walk-in clinics provide physicals, wellness checks, immunizations, and more.

Services at MinuteClinics® in Greenville

Enjoy the following services when you visit a MinuteClinic® in the Greenville area:

  • MinuteClinic® practitioners can check symptoms and develop treatment plans for an assortment of illnesses, including strep throat, pink eye, STDs, and more.
  • When you receive a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We offer sprain treatment, bug bite treatment, minor burn treatment, joint pain treatment, and more to help get you on the mend.
  • Receive assistance mitigating medical conditions with diabetes screening, sleep apnea treatment, comprehensive health screening, and more. You can also find out vital numbers including BMI and blood pressure.
  • Get help healing dry, itchy skin, and assorted minor skin issues, such as acne treatment, skin irritation treatment, scabies treatment, and more by visiting a Greenville clinic.
  • Before boarding a plane at Greenville-Spartanburg, get help learning what you need to know and do by receiving a pre-travel consultation. Our walk-in clinic in Greenville offers motion sickness prevention, typhoid treatment, and zika treatment to help you stay healthy on your trip.
  • Get help staying healthy with inoculations at CVS. We offer the tetanus vaccine, MMR shot, and Tdap shot, and several other shots for people of all ages.
  • Get help optimizing your health and preparing for sports leagues, jobs, and college with ear wax removal, college physicals, DOT physicals, COVID-19 antibody testing, and more.
  • Women's services, like yeast infection treatment, pelvic exams, herpes simplex treatment, and others, are provided at a MinuteClinic® near Greenville.

There are 9 MinuteClinic® locations near Greenville, so you will not have to go far to get vaccinations, help with treating injuries or illnesses, or diagnoses and checkups. Go to our Greenville walk-in clinics for professional attention.

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