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Clinic Reviews in Taylors

Average Customer Rating for 3300 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Taylors SC, 29687: 4.4 (15 Ratings)
November 28, 2022
"[...] was great, all staff were very friendly and funny and helped me calm down after my TB test. I will be going back for treatments and vaccines in the future!"
November 17, 2022
"[...], NP is professional and insightful. Her medical skills are excellent. I think i understand why there are so few chairs, but it would be helpful if there were a few more chairs. "
November 14, 2022
"I am so thankful for the attention I was given. "
October 30, 2022
"Thanks a bunch for your interest in my care and advise. "
October 28, 2022
"[...]..they are absolutely amazing! The sweetest woman I have EVER met. I’m a recovering cancer patient. I have been in and out of hospitals and drs offices. Let me tell you, if I could have had these two the whole time my life would have been so much better. They are kind as well as thorough. Please give them a raise so they can be kept permanently. I LOVE these two. I’d rather see them then go anywhere else. I cannot rave enough about the healthcare they provide myself and my children. [...]. Love you guys so much. I can’t thank you enough. "
Average Customer Rating for 3901 Pelham Road, Greenville SC, 29615: 4.5 (16 Ratings)
November 30, 2022
"I have been to many minute clinics and this is the best one by far"
November 26, 2022
"[...] was awesome. "
November 22, 2022
"Outstanding experience!"
November 21, 2022
Please tell [...] what a positive experience my mother in law and I had at the clinic. My mother in law had a positive covid test at 81 years old and [...] was so amazing and kind and comforting and gave us a great plan of action. I cannot thank [...] enough!!!!
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November 19, 2022
"The Nurse & Nurse Practitioner were very thorough in all respects. They were very friendly and listened to my problem carefully. Couldnt ask for more. "
Average Customer Rating for 2210 Laurens Road, Greenville SC, 29607: 4.6 (14 Ratings)
November 11, 2022
"NP [...] was very patient, knowledgeable and professional."
November 2, 2022
"This was one of the best NP visits Ive ever had. I made an appointment earlier in the day, was seen without a wait, and the practitioner was extremely friendly and talkative. I was very pleased with my experience."
October 19, 2022
"Thank You"
Average Customer Rating for 200 Highway 25 North, Travelers Rest SC, 29690: 5 (10 Ratings)
June 4, 2023
[...] was very helpful during my visit this morning! She took the time to answer all my questions and I felt very taken care of.
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November 10, 2022
"I was unable to get a same day appointment with my doctor for an urgent care issue. I was able to get an appointment at the Minute Clinic. The care was thorough and the practitioners were kind. If I ever am in the same situation I would not hesitate to return to the Minute Clinic!"
October 18, 2022
[...] was wonderful and informative. She efficiently provided the vaccine I scheduled the appointment for, but she also went the extra mile to answer my questions about my past immunization record. She even provided a paper copy of my immunization record. She was great!
October 18, 2022
"I was late for my appointment and they took me anyway "
October 17, 2022
"[...] was so nice and helpful."

CVS Walk-In Clinics near Taylors, South Carolina

MinuteClinics® in Taylors

Finding a walk-in clinic in Taylors is easy. There are 9 MinuteClinics® in the area, so you don't have to travel far to get medical attention. Whether you are in the center of the city, out in the suburbs, or living on campus at Bob Jones University, safe, in-person care is right around the corner.Save yourself time and money when you go to MinuteClinic® rather than to Greenville Hospital or Urgent Care in Taylors. If you're suffering from minor injuries such as splinters and bug bites or minor illnesses such as ear infections and styes, visit one of our walk-in clinics in the Taylors area, or book a telehealth visit if you are feeling too unwell for an in-person visit.

Clinics in Taylors

Taylors residents enjoy getting to know the area and its numerous attractions; however, exploring Rainbow RV Park can have consequences, from poison ivy to painful rashes and assorted wounds. Visiting our walk-in clinic in Taylors, South Carolina helps get you back to full strength and back to doing what you really enjoy, like rooting for your favorite team at Alumni Stadium.In addition to helping you recover from minor injuries and illnesses, a Taylors walk-in clinic gives you easy access to physicals, wellness checks, immunizations, and a lot more.

Taylors MinuteClinic® Services

Come in or make an appointment at a MinuteClinic® and take advantage of these services:

  • Get examined for symptoms of illnesses like gout, heartburn, bronchitis, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can provide a diagnosis and help develop a treatment plan.
  • Get on the mend with remedies for minor injuries such as staple removal, blister treatment, suture removal, tick bite treatment, and more.
  • Learn your important numbers, such as blood pressure and BMI. Get tested for and manage chronic conditions with diabetes monitoring, sleep apnea treatment, A1C test, and other treatment.
  • Visit a Taylors clinic for help with dry, itchy skin as well as rash treatment, wart treatment, canker sore treatment, and various other minor skin conditions.
  • Before hopping on a plane at Greenville-Spartanburg, get help finding out what you need to do and know with a pre-travel consultation. A CVS walk-in clinic in Taylors provides malaria treatment, traveler's diarrhea prevention, and typhoid prevention to help you stay in top form on your trip.
  • Find help fighting off sickness with vaccines at CVS. We offer the pertussis vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, and shingles vaccine, and several other shots for the whole family.
  • Get help improving your well-being and getting ready for jobs, college, and sports leagues with ear wax removal, sports physicals, titers testing, immunity testing, and more.
  • Women's services, including gonorrhea treatment, yeast infection treatment, human papillomavirus treatment, and others, are offered at a MinuteClinic® near Taylors.

You will find 9 MinuteClinic® locations near Taylors, so you won't have to travel far to access immunizations, help with treating injuries or illnesses, or diagnoses and checkups. Visit our Taylors walk-in clinics for professional attention.

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