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No-cost, no-catch health screenings*

"A free CVS Pharmacy® health screening saved my life."

When Cornelius Raven visited his nearby CVS Pharmacy for a free health screening, he didn't realize that he was having a stroke. His blood pressure was so high — 200/190 — that he was sent to the hospital for immediate care.

Cornelius is living proof. At a time when health care costs are mounting, it's smart to take advantage of free health screenings.

While screenings are different each month, they can include blood pressure, glucose,* cholesterol* and bone density tests. Screenings are followed by a free consultation to discuss results and next steps.

Our hope is that we can help you — and those in your community — feel healthier.

Experience an event for yourself and then spread the word. Together, we can help people on their path to better health.

See for yourself.

Hear how Project Health changed Cornelius Raven's life.

Hear how Project Health changed Cornelius Raven's life

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*FOR HEALTH SCREENING PROGRAM: Children ages 7+ included with parental consent. Health screenings performed by medical professionals. Back

*FOR CHOLESTEROL SCREENING: CVS Pharmacy® measures total cholesterol. It does not offer a full lipid panel (high-density lipoproteins [HDL] and low-density lipoproteins [LDL]). For accurate screening results, it is recommended to refrain from consuming anything except water for 8 hours before a glucose test and 9 to 12 hours before a total cholesterol test. Back